Hello WORLD!

I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Software Systems, in the Control Software Systems Group led by Prof. Anne-Kathrin Schmuck.

My research interest broadly includes Formal verification, Control theory, Artificial Intelligence, Formal methods and Automata theory. Specifically, my research vision is to apply formal methods and verification techniques to enhance the safety, security, and reliability of cyber-physical systems. You can find more details in my Research Statement.

Previously, I completed my joint Ph.D. (cotutelle) in Computer Science at the University of Antwerp, Belgium and University of Bordeaux, France. My doctoral thesis, titled “Learning and Verifying Temporal Specifications for Cyber-Physical Systems”, was supervised by Prof. Guillermo A. Perez and Prof. Nathanaël Fijalkow. In my Ph.D., I worked on automatically synthesizing formal specifications from complex systems for explainability and verification. You can also explore my Ph.D. thesis for more in-depth insights into this research.

I come from a Mathematical and Computer Science background. I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Computer Science and Master’s degree in Computer Science from Chennai Mathematical Institute, India.

Ritam Raha

  • (2024– ) PostDoc in CS, Max Planck Institute for Software Systems
  • (2019– 23) Ph.D. in CS, University of Antwerp & University of Bordeaux
  • (2017-19) M.Sc. in CS, CMI